Compounds: Fresh yogurt , refined salt food industries 0.8 %, the taste of a food allowed ( essence mint ) , drinking water

Weight: 1.5 liter , 250 cc

Energy: 70.56

Fat: 2.4

Salt: 0.8

Number of cartons / Sharing: 12, 6

Other Details

Dough , one of the healthiest of traditional drinks Iran that its consumption , particularly in warm seasons of the year is highly recommended. Unlike the juice drink of industrial and Fizzy drinks for over a year of children and could protein , fat , vitamins B , D , calcium, and also needed to his body . Dough due to the nature of the cold, signs of heat exhaustion , fatigue and ease the thirst, and , like yogurt containing live and useful microorganism growth and reproduction is that many of the harmful bacteria in the digestive system . The drink nutritional value due to be diluted less than us and cannot be replaced the product .